Make a difference while your savings grow

Meaningful investment

Our solution has three corner stones


At Metoa you can support good causes without sacrificing your financial return. In this way you promote what you believe in while your savings grow. We provide you with updates on the difference your investment makes.


You achieve lower costs and reduced risk by investing with many others on Metoa’s platform. But your investment is tailored to reflect the themes that you care most about. We will gradually add themes to the platform - and your opinion counts.


Metoa guides you, handles the investment and follows up on it. You can get started with small amounts, and there is full transparency on what you pay and where your money goes. We are 100% digital enabling you to track news, updates and your investment.

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Examples of investment themes

Copyright: Meridian Energy

Green energy

Promote renewable energy by investing in companies within solar, water and wind energy. You also promote ‘green tech’ such as companies that use waste to generate energy.

Copyright: MorphoSys

Innovative healthcare

Support technological companies that produce cutting-edge equipment, develop new types of therapy, or focus on curing diseases that are currently symptomatically treated.

Copyright: BRAC/MAP/Shafiqul Alam Kiron

Entrepreneurs in developing countries

Help microfinance institutions that extend loans to entrepreneurs with a sound business model, e.g. agriculture in Bangladesh. By creating employment, you help develop the local community.


Metoa was founded by Jakob Lage Hansen and Johan Holst Nielsen. Jakob has worked with investments in the financial sector and Johan is an experienced developer. At Metoa you make a difference while your savings grow - to the benefit of yourself and the world around you. A larger interest in investment will also help democratize financial markets. Metoa has an investment advisor license with the Danish FSA. We are working on getting a solution ready. Sign up if you want to be informed when there is news.

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